The Big Book Study Guide is the only workbook you'll ever need to help you get through the step process. It has all of the step clearly outlined within it pages in a susinced order and fashion that takes you from beginning to end in complete form and fashoin.


No more delays or hiccups in the step process, we're all too familiar with procrastination and we know now that we are on a life and death errand, if we don't do something about our alcoholism immediately that chances are great that we will die from it. The garve nature f this illness, the thousands falling from this illness, my personal experience with it, proves to me that I need to recover now more than ever before in my life.


We have a way out for you! The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous has help millions of people recver from alcoholism, the seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, the addiction to acohol, whatever you call, is kills people and destroys families. But, there is a way out. It may appear simple, and it is basic, good ideas usually are, but because of our undisciplined nature, it will feel as though it is difficult tobe consistant. Don't worry, within a short time, you'll be doing much better than you've ever hoped or dream you could be.

Big BookStudy Guide

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