Frequently asked questions

What is Alcoholism?

The Big Book is very specific about what is Alcoholism. We have to be careful not to shadow the medical profession as they have different influencers when determining what alcoholism is and how to treat it. For one, the medical profession is a "For Profit" sector and depend on it's alliance with the Insurance Industry for it's survival. So it's definitions change to suit getting monetary contributions from insurance companies, which are then both governed by the legal professions, terminology and boundaries of legal jargon designed to keep both of these entities, and others, namely rehabs, in line with orchestrating the flow of money between them. Here, we are not concerned with any of theat. We are only concerned with getting sober and staying sober. So, we must disregard what rehabs are teaching us, because they are a part of the medical profession. We must disregard what lawyers have instructed insurance companies to teach rehabs, doctors and hospitals to teach their patients and the general public their definition of what alcoholism is, because they've designed the playing field to suit themselves, their income channels and not the safety and well-being of the alcoholic or their families.

What steps do I need to take to recover?

Yes! The step we need to take are very simple, but we must do all of them or else the process will not be sufficeint to grab hold of us. It has to take place at a level and to a degree deep enough that it changes the way we think, the way we process what we perceive. Only at this level of the thinking mind wil it have an effect suffeint to keep us from drinking forever. Yes, you can be sober for the rest of your life; that is the purpose of the program. This can be a cure, if we practice it in all our affairs, everyday for the rest of our lives... and this is not a prison sentence, it's a promise of a new and wonderful life beyond the stretches of your imagination which you current mind annot fathom. o add a picture follow these simple steps:

  1. Realize that your current mind has caused all of the problems you now have.
  2. Agree to trust in a new set of principles to test each thought or idea you have.
  3. Realize that you alone canot succeed and your failures in life as proof of this.
  4. Agree to accept a new and wonderful power to be the force that propels you.

We had to take it piecemeal ourselves

The step process is both a process of undoing the old way of thinking and feeling and perceiving things, and then rebuilding and adopting a new manner of living in which we can evolve into a new way of being. The old reactive manner of living was living in a delusional state which reacted to external stimuli, causing us to suffer and be out of control. The new way of living is pro-active based on sound principles and a reliance on powers greater than ouorselves, but more importantly, greater than our problems, which solve them helping us to feel and be in control, in essenese. This is not an over night matter. All of the undoing of years of internal programming that makes up the fiber of our thought life, is deeply rooted at core levels of our self, our identity and even within our cellular memeory. To change this we have to mve beyond these levels of being and allow something else, something spiritual in nature, to be our guide. In the beginning of the letting go process, we must learn again how to trust, unfortunately we've all been double-crossed one too many times throughout our lives to be easily trusting of others, nevermind, to trust something we cannot see or feel, that for all intent and purpose, isn't even there... So, now you want me to lead a spirit led life and trust in spiritual things? Essentially, yes. But you're not going to have to much more than mere willingness to go off of in the very beginning of your journey, so you're going to have to trust your sponsor and others who've gone before you and are instructing you what t do to get out of the bitter morass of self-pity you're experiencing. The promise is that you will be free, not only of alcoholic addiction, but alcoholic insanity. That you'll actually live a happy life, you'll be calm, not nervous, that you'll be happy, not resentful, that you'll be smart and not foolish, that you'll be loving and not selfish. It really works miracles.

What is this all for anyhow?

The bottom line of alcoholism and being alcoholic is a lot to with selfishness at a core level. The selfishness comes from extreme insecurity and the ego's need to be sugnificant, of course it never succeeds at this because it's method for doing so is to get more, be more, take more, from others, from society... When the real solution is to give more, love more, help more, which is what the AA program teaches us to do, by helping others. Within the AA program, which is an incubator of sorts, where we can come into a safe place where other like-minded people who've already been through the prcess help to lead u through the process, go through learning curve and actually learn how to live in a different and more proper manner than what we've tried to learn for ourselves in our previously less-than-desireable envirnments before. Now we have aperfect, or near perfect environment to begine to learn a new way of living, without having to drink to feel somewhat normal about it, and it helps to teach us that helping others, in a way that we can be genuiinely useful to them, without seeking anything for ourselves in the process, is a truly rewarding way to be. In fact, for us, if we don't go through this process and learn to be in this new way of life, we will either go on drinkig to the bitter end, or we'll at the very least stay selfish and miserable, scraping our knuckles forcing ourselves not to drink about it.