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The Big Book Study Guide

Going through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous can sometimes be a struggle. It was written in 1939 and the terminology was different then. It also uses words that the meanings have changed, literally, and this changes the meanings of the underlying concept of the lessons the book is meant to deliver.

Also, the Big Book is a text book, although written more like a novel, isn't meant to be read like one. It's sole purpose is to deliver a spiritual experience by uncovering, discovering and discarding latent inherent truths within the individual alcoholic in a group or with another recovered alcoholic. This study makes that possible and probable.   Without the stud we have to rely on the degree of understanding of the person teaching us, they could be well versed or not, an this could mean a big difference in the experience we have with the Big Book and the level of sobriety we experience thereafter.

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"Being recovered from alcoholism is the greatest gift of God I've ever experienced in my life. I know I don't deserve it which is total proof this is a Grace of a merciful God and that I need to be of service to others, passing on what I've learned."


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